Saransh Jain

New Delhi, India.

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I am a man of creative ideas having the big dreams to chase and am always looking for ways to accomplish them. An all-time dream of mine is when I wake up, I am in a vibrant city, surrounded by the people of the world, curiously experimenting with the creativity of human inventiveness as the beat drops in and we dance the night away.

Interesting Quotes :

"Bodies are cleansed by water but the mind is purified by truth and knowledge."

The Opposite of Networking is "NOT WORKING"...and Building Network means Building Wealth..!!


We are the manufacturers and exporters of Hotelware Goods, Bar Accessories, Home Decor Products, Other Metal Craft products. We guarantee the range of our product line is of good quality at a very competitive prices. We also make products according to our customer's requirement.

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    • Bachelors : B.TECH (Electronics and Comm. Engg)