Hindu Stan

Nature'Procrastinator || Mellifluous || Bike'Lover || Tattoo'Addict || Borne'Fascinating..!!


I'm Perfect In Imperfection, Strong In My Weakness, Happy In My Pain, Smart In My Own Way, & About To Be A CA !' =]'

And I'm Not Boy Living With No Regrets. I'm Just A Boy Believing In Something That Will Never Happen. When I Get Sad, I stop Being Sad && Be AWESOME Instead. ;]]'

Want to do everything. Don't end up completing anything. Love Reading. Music. Clicking. Music. Travelling. Music. Fashion. Umm..Did I miss Music?

Do you read 'TERMS & CONDITION' before accepting it? nahi na? then why do you need a about me to become friend with me??

I don't need any more clever words to fill this space. I'm from corporate world, Fax you!

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