jain teerth jamner

Jamner Block-Shujalpur Distt.-Shajapur (M.P.)

Jamner is 8 km from Shujalpur on Shujalpur-Kalapipal road. Bus facility is available to reach there. An ancient Adinath temple is located in village Jamner, which is called Adinath Digambar Jain Mandir, There is a halo (prabhamandal) behind the head of the Tirthankara, kuntalit kesha on the head and long karnachapa. Hair is spread on the shoulders. There is a shrivatsa mark on the chest. On both the flanks chanwardharis, decorated with traditional ornaments are standing. One of their hands holds a chanwar while the other hand is on the thigh. Chronologically, the temple belongs to Paramara period. A number of Jain idols are installed in the temple. These include Parshwnath, Suparshwanath, Mahaveer, Neminath, Kuber etc. Various images from here have been sent to Jaisinghpura Jain Museum, Ujjain. Of these, images of Chanwadharini, Prabhamandal, Chhatra, Larchha etc are especially remarkable. From the images collected in the Jain temple, Jamner, it appears that Jamner was a centre of Jainism during Paramara period.