Mr. Jai Peoples

My name is Jai Peoples. I was introduced to the lifestyle a little over 3 yrs. ago. While I'm not necessarily "in" the lifestyle, I am very LS friendly. I was givens the nickname "The Cure" because I can cure what ails you.

I have my own social group that actually started out as a joke,but has exceeded all expectations. The Ultimate Pleasure Foundation (UPF) was created while chatting with. Friends and is. Now recognized among many LS networks Nationally. .

I also have my own Ent. Co Called JDMG Ent. We have hot up and coming artist, model and many many more talented people under our family tree.

New to SSOM I look forward to having a fun filled time with my friends and sure that I will learn a ton of good information. Tune in and keep the conversation going...we love to hear your thought.

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