Jaiprabha NGO

Jaiprabha (meaning ‘the triumph of light’) came into being on 26 January 1980 when a group of conscientious, educated and socially sensitive women decided to pitch in their mite for the vast numbers of underprivileged sections of Indian society, especially women and children.

Initial work began in Bhagalpur and soon Jaiprabha moved to Kalhajore village in Bounsi Block, one of the most underdeveloped blocks in Banka district. In 1982-83, when work expanded, Jaiprabha was registered under the Societies’ Registration Act on 25 March 1983. The registered office of the Society is in Bhagalpur and the project office in Kalhajore village, strategically located in the project area comprising 30 villages in an area of 40 sq. kilometres.

From addressing the development issues of women initially, the role and focus of Jaiprabha has expanded to encompass the entire community in an integrated manner bringing in qualitative changes in the lives of the people through improved farming techniques, irrigation for agriculture, facilitating potable water, and awareness on sanitation, health and nutrition.

The primary focus is on education of children with a positive bias for girl children. This bias has been received very well by the community and has led to an incredible reversal of sex ratio. As against a sex ratio of 863:1000 in 1984, it has changed to the present ratio of 1026:1000 in the 0-5 years age group.

Jaiprabha has quality infrastructure to ensure credible programme implementation. In 2007, Jaiprabha extended its services to the urban children in the slums of Bhagalpur through a state-of-the-art school.

For more information, mail jaiprabhango@gmail.com