Jaipur Bio Fertilizers

Newtramin Organic Fertilizer and Bio Fertilizers in Jaipur, India

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With the onset of Green Revolution in India during late nineteen sixties, there had been quantum jump in the use of synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, soil amendments etc. in agriculture. The increase in crop yield has been at a high cost of environment pollution, contaminated water bodies, and deteriorated microbial population and thus soil health, which all resulted in ecological imbalance in the nature and health hazards to humans, animals, birds and most important plants. This situation forced the people all over the world to ponder upon those technologies by which the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture could be minimized.

Long term unbalanced use of chemical fertilizers led to soil acidification, reduced availability of vital nutrients and destruction of beneficial organisms. Due to continued soil degradation, rate of growth in foodgrain production has drastically reduced during the last decade. This is mainly attributed to rapid depletion of soil organic matter and soil''''s vital flora and fauna. To reinviogerate the life into soil, scientists have come up with novel technology using natural microorganism as inputs. These technologies need to be propagated and promoted in big way to keep the rate of growing keeping parity with growing demand.