Jairo Suarez

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Worcester, Massachusetts

Jairo Suarez's career began in his native country of Venezuela, where he first worked as Sales Manager for world giants Procter & Gamble and Unilever. In 2006 he became and an independent Corporate Sales Trainer & Consultant, with clients in 14 countries in Central and South America as well as in the U.S. He has gained extensive experience working with people with diverse cultural, academic or experiential profiles. He has developed a training style that is frequently described to be entertaining and effective. Most of his coaching has been directed toward front-line staff and first level managers to improve skills in Sales, Interpersonal Communication, Customer Service and Change Management. Since 2010 he lives in Massachusetts. Jairo earned a Master's in Communications, with a 3.95 GPA. He is nationally certified as an interpreter by the CCHI. He is an avid baseball fan, closely following Latin American players.

  • Education
    • Clark University