Jairo Portillo Llort

Aspiring Law Student. Texan Salvadoran. Born in Houston. Split time between El Salvador and Texas growing up, which gives me a practical appreciation of being an international student. The junior year of being at an international high school in San Salvador, I decided to return to Texas to make applying to an American university easier.

Keen interest in international development issues and progressive causes. Excited for what the future holds.

I embrace every aspect of my Latino American identity- salsa and hip-hop, Oprah and Cristina, hamburgers and tortas, steak with mashed potatoes and arroz con pollo, Brian Williams on NBC and Jorge Ramos on Univision, Dr. King and Cesar Chavez.

I'm fascinated with 1999. David Bowie. Freddie Mercury. Outer space- galaxies, nebulae, glam rock, trip rock, time travel. Depeche Mode. Smashing Pumpkins. I like a nice pair of mid-top shoes. I used to love watching proffessional wrestling when I was a kid. I love Survivor. I love Dexter. I absolutely love to watch episodes of Six Feet Under.

Winter is my favorite season but I'd give up cold weather and move to a tropical or arid region of the world to help people.

I have made it my goal to learn Mandarin Chinese by my 25th birthday. To expedite matters, this would require me to go to China, a country for which I have a profound interest and respect.