JC Hines

South - USA

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Working hard and always Caring. I work in pain. How about you? Getting ready to go on my air! My Air. LOL :) Babieboomer. Ack Getting Older. I have family in New Orleans who I love very much. I have a wonderful loving Mother. We have been close since I was a little girl.

I legally have two sisters but you would never know it. They are scavengers waiting for my mother to pass on. Shameful. They are jealous of my relationship with my Mother. I asked them for help and they turned their back on me. One secretly got herself appointed power of attorney, made herself trustee and changed my mother's Will and paid the attorney to have herself appointed. I've done everything I can to protect my mother only to find out it was my own sister's greed. Shameful. Vain is a good word. I hope they will be able to face God's wrath when it comes.

Otherwise, I've been working very hard on the Internet trying to make a supplemental income. I have 30 years legal experience from being a Paralegal and working for a Judge. I've taken on Online Affiliate Marketing to a degree of teaching.

I saw a program on television about the Unemployed across the WORLD. I was so moved I decided I needed to help. So my studies have led me to teaching Online Affiliate Marketing. OnlineNetteWorks.com, JCHines.org, AffiliateMarketSuccess.com, WpWebsitePlugins.com. I thought most people have computers in their homes or have access to one. Why not help them learn affiliate marketing even if it's just to put food on the table for one meal! Maybe buy a gallon of milk. While they are waiting for a job or in between appointments they can work on the computer to earn a little money. So, that is how I became an Online Professor in Affiliate Marketing. It's been over four (4) years now. I'd like to say I've helped millions but I have helped a few. That is rewarding enough. The information I provide my students is free so the whole world has access to same. Eventually, it will be membership site for the students but we are presently taking donations to keep it free.. For Now, We are accepting PP payments. My forte is to continue to learn and suggest everyone else do the same.

My friends say I am a sponge when it comes to learning. Hence, I'm well educated.

I do have a "astro-twin" sister in S.Carolina who needs our prayers for her health.

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