Anjali Jaitly

I am a first year undergraduate student at Ryerson University School of Journalism in Toronto, Canada. I am privileged to be a part of this institution, as it will mould my personality and outlook which in turn will assist me in pursuing my future goal as an editor. Journalism and public relations are the two fields that ignite my imagination and help me relate to the world around me. I enjoy utilizing most of time for writing and volunteering in various events that give me first hand experience of the organization involved, pros and cons of the event and much more. I am also an active participant of various sport clubs such as soccer and tennis, that help keep me intuned with the nature. As a student my focal point would be to take the given oppurtunities that come across my horizon and use them to benifit the society. Overall, I can be descibed as an individual who learns from my mistakes and embarks every challenge as a new learning experience.