Rajat Jaitly

Clever, witty, and charming, you reach out and touch the masses with your excellent communication skills. Language is your strength, and you can speak most everyone\'s language. Here to enjoy the lighter side of life, you will not get pinned down. You want... to experience all there is, and then some. You constantly long to explore, see new things, travel, and keep moving. Restlessness best describes your inner state as you find it hard to sit still. You will have many experiences, use them for personal growth. You can excel in advertising, selling, and promoting new ideas and concepts. Because you are so aware of the senses, you should use caution around the use of medications and alcohol to avoid the addictive side of chemical dependency. You need room to move and not to be bound in any way.

As a marketing professional, I Have more than 2yrs of experience in marketing & advertising, building up brands & its imagery for its customers. I have run several successful marketing campaigns, Awareness programmes, and BTL campaigns.
Also I am well versed with all the aspects of Brand management, have had stints in strategic media planning & implementation of plans.
Worked upon ATL i.e. Print & electronic as well as BTL activities such as POP, Road shows, Promotional activities, Meets & Event Management, Online Campaigns.