Jajuan Valentin

United States of America

I was born in Belize with a birth certificate of that country. One month later my mother brought me to the USA to avoid the chaos of war. At seven month of age my mother arranged for me to have a birth certificate in the USA. Therefore I have dual citizenship.

I stared school in Bronx New York. I had been to Belize three times, but I was to young to remember. When I was 7 years old I went to Belize at a time that I could remember. My mother required that I attended school in Belize so that my cultured would be instilled in me.

When I was 8 years of age we moved to Virginia, USA where we had to work in the fields of tobacco for a living. I remember going to school going to school in Belize every year before pulling tobacco.

Now that I am 51 years of age I can do what I am destined to do, and that is, to help others to reach their american dream. That dream begins with making enough money.

  • Work
    • Internet Marketing
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    • Bachelor
    • Business Administration