Jamiu Akangbe

Akangbe Jamiu Ekandayo is an alumnus of Lagos State University. He is an addicted optimist who believes that there is need to intervene in the issues of concern about the representative of the future.

He is the Team Leader of African Resourceful Leaders Foundation. He is an advocate of democracy and good governance; he is the first Nigerian youth to publish a book on voters education called "Don't Be Disenfranchised". Also in same vein organized an Interactive Session on Good Governance which motivated and encouraged youth to exercise their voting rights and even mobilize their peers to vote during the 2011 election alongside being an election observer.

He organized children day celebration with the less privileged children at home of destitute, Oko Baba, Ebute meta, Lagos. It was published in PM News, Punch News Paper and Guardian News Paper (verified on FB: African Resourceful Leaders foundation).

He believes that for us to have a more reassuring future as a society in in particular and a nation in general due attention has to be paid to the representative of the future, most especially Secondary School Students. Also that for us to have a better nation we desire we must ensure that the educational sector is restructured to give room and encouragement for younger ones.

He initiated a program called "Pre-Exam Seminar" with the theme Towards Academic Excellence" which will run for 20 weeks in 20 secondary schools within 4 local govt with the aim of ensuring that the student performance are enhanced during major exams, reduction in the rate of examination malpractices, help the student toward choosing a future career choice amongst others.

The program being unique one has generated over 20 volunteers facilitators amongst which include Chinedu Chidi, Isaac Success, Alex Great, Akolawole Shoremi, Praise Akokomu to mention but a few.

His vision is to see a society where the capacities of young people are built in every endeavour towards an enviable environment.

Jamiu Akangbe is the Secretary General to the Government of DESPLAY REPUBLIC Season 6.

Life is not measured by how long we have lived or how much we have acquired, but the yardstick for measuring a fulfilled life is by how many lives we have touched while here on earth. Akangbe warns "do not react to emotions"