Jake Baleshta

Jake Baleshta

With a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and an Honour's Degree in Physical Education, Jake has experience in designing fitness programs for firefighters, national swim teams, NHL hockey teams, wheelchair athletes, and special needs children. He's designed programs for cardiac rehabilitation patients. He's not only coached clients through to a higher quality of life, he's been inspired by them.

As a lifelong, multi-sport participant (track and field, cross country, triathlons, badminton, squash, racket ball, hockey, football, basketball, and baseball) and a fitness equipment expert, Jake Baleshta has discovered that there are two keys to improved health and wellness; consistency and fun.

While consistency is hard for most people to attain, Jake has created unique and engaging fitness programs that are so enjoyable they motivate his varied target audiences to tackle exercises much more consistently, resulting in healthier and more accomplished clientele.

Consistency follows naturally when an activity is fun.

For Jake, combining two of his favourite activities has resulted in just that. He is the creator of Hula-Bounding© which, as you may guess, involves hula hooping while gently bouncing on a rebounder or mini-trampoline. The health benefits are exponential in this fascinating combination. He describes it as the perfect activity for all ages and fitness levels, but certainly the primary lovers of this activity seem to be boomers and beyond.

He's available to coach, train and speak on Hula-Bounding©, fitness and fun and is sure to inspire you, your group/organization, office or family!