Jake Campbell

Student in San Antonio, Texas

Was your husband poisoned? Maybe you’re frightened because a friend swallowed a cherry pit, which contains cyanide, yet not nearly enough to kill a human. Well then, you're in luck since this happens to be Jake Campbell’s miniscule laboratory here on the World Wide Web! The lead toxicologist here, Jake Campbell, has always been fond of science, specifically chemistry! Consequently, he is now an aspiring forensic toxicologist! Moreover, ever since the 5th grade numerous amounts of Jake’s teachers have been science fanatics and that, in repercussion, has left an immense mark on him. Thus, Jake’s intent for the future has been to graduate college with at least a bachelor's degree in toxicology and someday work for extensive laboratories such as, Pacific Toxicology Labs and NMS Labs. Until then Mr. Campbell is going to stay determined and keep his PH at a 7.4!