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hello, I'm jake!!! Welcome to my about.me!

Please read below for some cool facts!!

💀 facts

💀 i am currently 11 years old, my birthday being June 29th, 2004.

💀 i have so p cool friends!! They are john, Dave, kylo, jade, kendra, tyler, sara, and lady

💀 I will get nosebleeds a lot, bc I don't now my nose just randomly bleeds

💀 I love musicals !! Legally Blond, Hamilton, Rent, The Book of Mormon, Hairspray, Wicked, Newsies and more :0

💀 Some fandom's I'm in are Star Wars, The Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Homeuck, Steven Universe, Cucumber Quest, and more !!

👻 Kins

👻 I don't want to flood you with my kind so about.me/rubyyren has my kins :00

👻 kin rules

👻 I WILL NOT tag you as my friends MAIN kins. Thank you.

👻 I also won't tag youbas my friends kins.