Jake Koppelman


Mimeo.com, New York City, NY
Account Executive
* Called 100+ Fortune 500 and Global 2000 prospects daily with the intent of
demonstrating the Mimeo cloud based print platform with C-Level managers
* Used Salesforce CRM to generated $100k for the company thus far and projected
earnings of $180k for the 2012 calendar year
* Presented and managed Monday team meetings for improved sales opportunities,
improved sales skill, and reported on client successes
* Direct reporting and successful implementation of clients including Balfour Beatty US,
National Associate of Intercollegiate Athletics, Southwest Securities, Accretive Health

Acclaim Consulting Group, Waltham, MA
Business Development - Manager
* Redesigned current website to better accommodate company and potential clients
needs by creating a Content Manager System for On Demand interaction
* Built successful client relations which developed more contracts from general
partnerships to preferred partnershipsLead and manage own online campaign to
improve relationships of current clients and future prospects to attend CA
Technologies Premiere partnership program


MapJak LLC, Browns Summit, NC
CEO and CO-Founder
* Built and developed web products and services and designed websites for companies
and individuals
* Created advertising and promotional partnerships to gain new business and increase
profits through Google Adsense and targeted affiliate markets

Mariam Ross Campaign, Barrington, RI
Director of Research
* Participated and organized fundraising events for 2010 and 2012 district elections
* Canvassed campaign territory helping with promotional materials, speaking on behalf
of candidate, and expressing advantages of Mariam's campaign platform