Jake Swanson

Georgetown, TX

I have served for the past eight years as an Army Officer in both the infantry and military intelligence. Growing up in a very small rural town in Western New York, I never imagined that at age 23 I would be immersed in a new culture- leading combat patrols in southern Afghanistan, planning and executing projects to revitalize the local market district, and opening schools for Afghan boys and girls less than three miles from the hometown of the Taliban movement. Nor did I foresee that I would be part of a coalition working each day with people from various nations, collecting critical intelligence in our efforts to defeat a threat to our peace and security: ISIS.

My work has taught me to be adaptable, persistent, and efficient in tackling problems. I am always eager to face a new challenge. Yet I am not about work all the time. I have an inquisitive mind and find great joy in pursuing my interests. My favorite hobbies require perseverance and discipline. I have taught myself to be a proficient guitarist, have completed several marathons, and always have had an absolute and unwavering fascination with studying history.

I am a world traveler who truly enjoys seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. My most recent trips were to Australia, Italy, and France.

My experiences have taught me about the world and myself. Most of all, I have gained the confidence to venture into the unknown and the determination to keep going.

  • Education
    • Virginia Military Institute