Jake Wilcox

Puyallup, Washington

I have this project called Venture500: A worldwide quest to tackle 50 non-motorized/human kindness journeys of 500 miles or more. You can follow my progress at: www.jakewilcox.org www.facebook.com/Venture500. www.Instagram.com/Venture500
Life is a gift, you can either live it to the fullest & in the moment or not, never let money hold you back... I try and live an active/outdoor life style. Just a kid living the dream. We have on average 30,000 days to live. That is 82 years on the most magnificent planet you could imagine. Fill your days with as much laughter, adventure, joy, and experiences as possible because in the end no one makes it out alive. If you don't like your life, change it. Life is really simple, just get out there & follow your dreams. I was given two things in life. Roots & Wings. Roots to know where I come from & Wings to go out & explore the world. I am a BIG supporter of adventure travel, global sustainability, world citizenship, freeganism, animal activism, localized farming, free-market, anti-consumerism, alternative living, world peace, and zero carbon emission travel/living.

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