Jake Bowman

Music is my passion, growing up playing in band and constantly sing and now having developed a love for creating electronic music, my taste and love for music is always evolving and changing. These days I'm creating mid tempo electronic music with flavours of Funk and Hiphop infused with modern sound design. Producers that I love and aspire to be like are K+Lab, Koan Sound and Opiuo. Though main passion is funk orientated glitch hop, I do enjoy all different types of psychedelic music and often just experiment with different ideas or new styles for the fun of it.

I am currently studying audio engineering in order to learn more about producing and recording music. I am developing skills in the fields of sound design, mastering, recording, mixing and performing.My dream is to produce music either by myself or in a group and have the opportunity to perform that music for people in a live setting.

I also have an interest in live sound and am slowing building a system that I can use for different gigs and events. I am an aspiring producer and sound designer and am excited to work in any part of the industry whether its in a studio or live environment. Having nearly finished a Diploma in Electronic Music Production and about to commence a degree in audio engineering I am keen to develop my skills as an artist and engineer.