Jake Fisher

Jake is a student at the University of Waterloo in his 1A term of Mechatronics Engineering. He intends to pursue a career in an engineering-based field where he can design creations that will benefit others. Since childhood, Jake has been amazed by feats of engineering such as skyscrapers, electronics, and cars and captured by the practicality of mathematics and problem solving. Jake has applied his aptitude and interest in math and science to the hobby of robotics, a field which allows him to design and iterate his own creations. His high school team won the FIRST Robotics World Championships in 2013, when he was in Grade 11 and the Head of the Strategy Division. Jake's other robotic creations inlcude the "Unstuckable" Toy, a remotely controlled car which automatically turns away from any obstacles it encounters. Jake intends to continue pursuing this passion as he enters the workforce.