Jake Rego

Columbus, Ohio, United States

I am currently an IT Consultant at Cardinal Solutions Group based in Columbus, Ohio. I am responsible for eliciting, analyzing, and adding value to software requirements to effectively bridge the gap between technology and business knowledge to better-facilitate the software development process.

In my free time, I strive to increase my skills in the Web Development realm to eventually move to a development role. I currently have knowledge in HTML/CSS/Javascript, but would like to refine and strengthen these skills, and add some others into the mix.

I am a creative, critical-thinker who enjoys solving problems. I am excited about exploring new technologies and developing solutions to realworld problems. I want to develop software that improves the lives of others and contributes to the greater good. My general area of interest within software development is Web Development.

My education (Software Engineering major with a minor in Information Systems & Analytics) has allowed me to wield development skills from both a Tech-Savvy view, as well as from a business-oriented approach. My ability to analyze problems and develop solutions that are both technically-sound and relevant in a business context make me a viable asset that could be valuable to any company.

  • Work
    • Cardinal Solutions Group
  • Education
    • Software Engineering, Miami University