Jake Soe

Jake Soe

There was once a boy with a guitar in his hand, promising to himself to stay on his very own line of producing and sharing the music to the world without following the mainstream music industry way/line (digital creation touch up (take studio recording),massive promotion ,mainstream way distribution ,etc ) .You could call it the “gypsi style of music” , by which he present his music only face to face to the audience, to “share and receive happiness”.

However, just as the world never stands still, (through a long way till compromised) he decided to leave something behind to his audience (friends on my music journey). Hence, it comes that he is currently working on a “souvenir package”, a single including 2 songs, recorded by himself at the gig (one track stereo recording ) “free live recording style” which can only be acquired during his musical journey.

The chance you will cross his rough voice and sonorous guitar playing is biggest at community gatherings, cultural events, at the lounge bar, with friends or even on the street.

Free and unconditionally he continues his musical journey with the belief to let his passion for music shine through forever.

-" Anytime is playtime, everywhere is playground"-