Jake Attwood

Jake Attwood

Personal Trainer, Functional Therapist, Sports performance coach, Faster Fitness Educator, Football performance consultant.

Having joined the Fitness industry after I had to retire from professional sport due to injury, I have continued to educate myself to try and stop the same thing happening to others. I now work as a personal trainer and sports performance coach in the centre of London and love every minute of it. In 2007 I met John Hardy Founder of Faster Fitness education and was so taken by his ideas for changing the fitness industry I have undertaken every qualification his company has on offer including;

. Diploma in functional performance

. Diploma in functional therapy

. Advanced functional trainer assess and solve

. Advanced functional trainer skills

. Functional training expert

I now myself educate for Faster Fitness education on all the above courses and am a shareholder and founding member of Faster Fitness sports performance. John is now a close friend and my mentor and we continue to strive to change the reputation of personal training across the UK. Trough my links with Faster I have been lucky to undertake some top education courses form the USA including

. Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation Technique ( FAKTR-PM)

. Functional Orthotic Reaction

. Kinesiology Taping and muscle testing

. Functional Medicine and nutrition

. Trigger point therapy (SMART-CORE master trainer)

Having now set up Attwood Sports Performance and Attwood Personal Training I work closely with elite athletes and general public alike helping them to achieve there goals and improve there performance. In July 2011 I had my first article published in ultra fit magazine and am due to present at the UK fitpro convention with Faster.