Jake Beach

Brighton England

about me

my name is Jake Beach. i am 28 years old and i live in Brighton England. i would describe myself as a free thinking free thinking humanist intellectual. i spend most of my time reading and research and spending time on the internet. looking for new inspiration or subject to read and write about. i have autism or as it is now know Autism spectrum disorder. but this doesn't stuff from aspiring to overcome my obstacles. i am really interested in the 60s counter culture and the psychedelic movement that come out of that time and other forms of thoughts such as extertalism eastern philosophy and more. i guess you can say i have a thirst for knowledge. it is my dream to become a writer and a journalist and film maker focusing on the arts. my hobbies including collecting vinyl
( mostly progressive rock, experimental, and ambient music.) collecting books by the beat generations and following my favorite football team tottenham hotspur some of my favorite books are

On the road

animal farm
brave new world

there are just too many book that i have a fallen in love with. i am also very interested in film studies. and am currently applying to go to film school. some of my favorite directors are David Lynch, peter greenaway, ken russell, woody allen.

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