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PITOOEY! INC. Develops Expert Business Strategy
Founded in 2012, PITOOEY! INC. is a publically traded company founded by three entrepreneurs with three different backgrounds to create a multi-service global digital agency. With expert knowledge in mobile marketing, mobile app development and social media, the Company has grown from 2 to 25 employees and currently has two offices located in Scottsdale, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.
With a patent-pending and full version mobile app to launch this year, the company will launch one of the first ever mobile applications that will create a one-on-one relationship between buyers and consumers. This product will offer a mutually beneficial tool for business to consumer relationships.
Jacob DiMartino, Rob Swope and David Sonkin have combined their substantial knowledge in serving numerous clients’ web and mobile digital marketing needs. Together, these three entrepreneurs have offered their expertise in developing applications and providing digital marketing services which have resulted in millions of downloads, impressions and views.
Currently, PITOOEY! INC. is shifting its focus in 2013. With the primary goal of fully developing, launching and virally growing its mobile app, PITOOEY!, the company will also offer the app as a key marketing tool that can be used and accessed by its outside clients. This will help them to understand the pros and cons of the app and make sure they develop it to be in a most consumer-friendly state.
The app is currently available in its beta version on iPhone. It allows users to search for their favorite businesses and personalize a list to track the developments of those businesses. The app connects the consumers with their preferred list of businesses allowing the consumer to receive simple but relevant messaging from the businesses, but only if they have added that company to their list so as to avoid any spam messaging to the consumers. Consumers can also share their custom lists through all social media platforms, which in turn will help to develop a list of subscribers. PITOOEY! INC. earns revenue from this mobile app as businesses pay for targeted marketing and advertising in order to get the consumers they are interested in add them to their list. PITOOEY! INC. has potentially created aggregate targeting in the form of a mobile application that is headed to be a household name.

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