Jake DJ

Like an okay restaurant, my writing does not excel the standards. People leave satisfied yet unsure as to why it took so long to produce something that is not high quality. My appetizer, or hook, is somewhat decent, yet nothing original. Making the entree, or the thesis and body, can take hours on end, but is never quite satisfying. People see this entree as simple, somewhat acceptable, but never something to brag about. Finally, dessert is served (closing), which is just too much to take in. After such a gigantic entree, they understand the quality of the restaurant, which is merely an average setting, average service, and a mediocre meal never to be eaten again. As they leave this restaurant, they feel unusually awkward and therefore never come back. The reviews are always mediocre, consisting of, "...good, but I've seen much better." One looking at these reviews can skim over them and say, "...let's see something that's worth my time."