Jake Duke

Student in La Mirada, California

Jake Duke

Student in La Mirada, California

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Basic Info

Hello! My name is Jake Duke, and I am currently a student at Biola University. I was born and raised in IrvineCalifornia.

Why Ministry

The end of my Junior year of high school, I found my calling into ministry.Immediatelymy youth pastor plugged me into serving. I started serving with the Junior High students in my church. Ever since then I have known that going into ministry is where I am supposed to be. I have been serving mostly with junior high students, and I have been getting some experience withchildren's, and high school ministries. I have been to multiple different camps. I have also worked at two different churches. One small and one large. I feel more comfortable serving in a smaller church, but I am equipped for both. I also feel God leading me to move and serve in the pacific northwest.

Fun Hobbies

I fill my extra time with fun activities. One thing I really enjoy is building and repairing computers. I have built my own computer as well as a couple of my friends. I know how computers work and enjoy working on them. I also enjoy working on cars. I do not know much about cars, but I enjoy learning how to fix it whenever a problem comes about. I also enjoy performing improv comedy. I find it a good way to get my creative energy flowing.

Interesting Facts

I one time hosted my own award show call "The Jake Duke Awards(The Dukies)". I wanted a good way to compliment my friends for all that they have done. I prepared awards as well as invitations for all of the guests involved. My friends and I dressed up in our best clothes and enjoyed a good time together.

In high school I used to be an actor. I enjoyed acting in every single play/musical I could be in. I even did some choir. I found acting to be a very fun past time and has helped me be able to talk in front of people and be around a lot of people.

When I was younger, I went through multiple ear surgeries. I still have hearing loss in my left ear. Even though I have a hard time of hearing, I really enjoy listening to people, and do the best I can to do that.

  • Education
    • Biola University