Jake Eisner

IB Prep- This class is full with exploring and using technology. We do project after project helping us realize our skills in technology and research.

We have done several projects that have made us interact with our fellow classmates. We have had to make group decisions and learn to cooperate with each other. This has taught most of us individuals something about teamwork. In this class we have done several projects. My favorite, obviously the Rube Goldberg assignment. We got to make an invention that would knock a ping-pong ball off its perch. Other assignments included the stock market game, the make-stuff mondays, and the famous mathematician report.

So far this year in IB Prep we have had many great times working with a group and having freedom while we do our research. It has been a true honor to be able to attend an advanced class like this. We will continue this legacy and continue exploring the use of technology.