Jake Fuller

Jake Fuller is a marketing & design professional. He is actively seeking employment in User Experience, Graphic Design, or Instructional Design roles. Jake currently works as an Digital Experience Planner/Interactive Strategist with a worldwide digital ad agency. Responsible for designing all personnel and system policies and processes in user experience (UX). Conduct user experience planning to improve design for user profiles, scenarios, and workflows. Technical writing for functional requirements, user experiences, and process documentation . He builds website architecture (site maps and wireframes) anduser interface architecture (UI) to create functional prototypes and functional specifications documentation. Informs key stakeholders on SEO, web analytics, A/B testing strategy, and development process QA.

When he's not designing, you can find him out skydiving, longboarding through the canyons, or exploring the great mountains on the weekends.

  • Education
    • B.F.A Graphic Design