jake haning

When the swing craze began at the end of the 90’s, Jake knew nothing about dance other than the brief ballet training he received as a kid, and the music theater he studied in high school. The first dances he learned were Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing. And you know what they say – you never forget your first love; they still remain his favorite dances to this day because they embody freedom and flexibility, and give you the chance to be and express yourself with your own styles and interpretations. Jake’s area of expertise is in West Coast Swing. In the last year, he has placed in All Star and Champion Strictlys, Jack and Jill's, and in Classic and Showcase, including 5th at the Us Open in 2009 with the very entertaining "Soul Man" routine, and 2nd at Tampa Bay Classic in 2010 with the passionate "It hurt so bad". He is also the 2010 NASDE champion! Known for his musicality his workshops always have that as an element, in addition to improving social dance skills, applying good technique and, of course, are overloaded with fun. You will always spend more time dancing than listening in his workshops. Making sure you leave having gotten something that you will be able to use that night.