J. K. Harrill

Writer, Consultant, and Designer in Madisonville, Tennessee

Each and every day for me is a Celebration of Cerebration. I am a communicator, I am writer, a consultant, a designer, a solution seeker, and a motivational speaker. All of which I claim ownership of because I Think. I Cerebrate, I participate in the Process of Thinking!

I am currently living in Madisonville, Tennessee. My interests range from writing to design and communication thru motivational speaking.

I am always honored to share the knowledge found in my 38 years of development as a Professional Railroader. Having thirty eight years of professional training in the Signals and Engineering Departments of the Rail Industry has provided me the ability to offer acquired knowledge in the requirement of Safety being our First Priority, which transcends industrial, corporate, private, personal and professional life. My thirty eight years of personal knowledge and professional training in Signal Inspection, as well as Track Inspection is something I am not only proud of but Love discussing.

I have been a professional Grant Developer and Writer for over 30 years, having developed and written grant applications that were awarded which addresses needs from Technology for Elementry Education, to a year long Public Library based Hispanic Educational Program for parents of school aged children.

I am also interested in entrepreneurship, photography, and coffee all of which shall survive and flourish because of my Celebration of Cerebration!

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