Jd (Jake) Parker

Full name. J.D. Omer Parker, Jr. Of course I feel honored that my father would give me his name. Then again, should I? Oh well, it is what it is. At least my nickname is cool. Jake Parker. Just how American, mom, apple pie, and NASCAR can you get! AND as of today,(13, July 2012), I have AGAIN been named KING of google, and all pure and moral! KING JAKE II!!!!!! I am so excited. The last time I was KING JAKE I had a pretty good run. yep, sure did, no joke. BUT this time, look out! The folk's at Facebook got so rich from the IPO they all just said, well I can not say what they did because I am a school teacher.(when I'm not being KING of google) Yep, I have taught in the public schools of Arkansas and Texas for over thirty year's. I loved teaching music. I may return. I have taken a year off and enjoyed the break. I've written my first fiction novel, finished several song's and one symphony, dated more than when I was a teen, and gotten to know my mom. It's been a good year! But, I am broke, again, so it's off to work I go! Who know's; maybe I'll see you there.