Jake Jupiter

My name is Jake Jupiter. I live in a small town in Illinois and go to school just like any other teenager would. I love sports, and I'll probably be writing about them a lot. I've got one brother and a sister, and we are all extremely close. I'm not exactley what you would call "popular", but I've got plenty of friends that are. I'm kind of the messenger between the sharks and the minoes, if that makes sense. I get along with everyone in my school, but I only have a few good friends. Who needs a billion okay one, though, if you have a couple of keepers.

I grew up in Arkansas, but I moved to Indiana when I was really young. I lived there for about six years before moving to Illinois, where I am today. I love writing, which is probably pretty obvious, but still worth saying. Most of all, though, I love my friends, my family, my town, my teachers, and I guess everything else in my life.

Oh, and my name isn't really Jake Jupiter, if that's what you were wondering. That name would be way too cool.