Jake Manalo



Life is simple. Love is complex.

I am an introvert person. I usually don't talk to people whom I don't know. I don't initiate the first conversation, but eventually when you get my attention and what interests me, I turn into a talkative yet diligent man.

I used to eat a lot. I do eat any kind of food as long as it is edible and not exotic :) I love chocolates, pasta, pizza and SOFTDRINKS.

I love the color GREEN. I'm a moody person. I'm a funny & corny person. I value my friends A LOT. I perspire a lot but I don't have BO. I don't go out of our house without my rosary and a hanky. I pray. I go to church. I'm a volunteer. I love mother earth. I LOVE MY FAMILY. I love to eat again. I eat like I have two stomach. I have a 2am habit. I'm interesting. I LOVE GOD. HE loves me too.

  • Work
    • NURSE
  • Education
    • Far Eastern University - Manila