Jake || Craig

Student in Mexico

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Hello I'm Jake!

I go by he/him and my birthday is on September 28!

I'm enfp and chaotic neutral!

I play baseball and volleyball,I like musicals and I like cosplaying and i also draw! I'm currently working on my webcomic too, I really like sparkly/glittery things too.

I have some illnesses but I will never talk about them because I don't want anyone to be worried or uncomfy.

I'm really loud and obnoxious irl and I can also be very clingy sadly haha,,

Don't follow me if! :

You support Donald trump, pedophilia, animal abuse, rape and If you're racist,sexist, homophobic and /or transphobic.

I really care about my friends a lot! And I would suggest you to not follow me if you don't like them.

I really love Stan! He's really sweet and a really cool boyfriend! [10.02.2015]

I also care about homura a lot! she is very kind (I nicknamed someone dear to me that, I hope you dont mind)

I don't really know my sexuality ahaha

here's a list of my kins :

Jake English

Jyushimatsu Matsuno

Lance McClain


Sir. Carrot

Nozomi tojo

Dia Kurosawa

Renge serizawa

Sonosuke Izayoi

Nagito Komaeda


Oikawa Tooru

Craig Tucker!

Aph Japan

Sailor mars //rei hino

Carter Brooks

Veronica Sawyer

Heather McNamara

So please try to tag me as them! I'll try to tag you as your kins as well!

My comfort characters are : Homura (girl from episode 9), Anyone from the matsuno family, Pietro Maximoff, aph canada,Keith Kogane, Tweek Tweak and Dirk Strider

Mmm, I think that's it,, thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful day!

⚾Dm a picture of a baseball bat to be accepted ⚾