Jake ;D

Artist, Actor, and Photographer in New York

🍹hi! my name is jake/kimber/ramona and i have a lot of different interests!

🌂my current interests include jem and the holograms, the scott pilgrim comic series, panic! at the disco, marina and the diamonds, star wars, and ever after high.

🍂im currently dating @crownunlimit, and my moirail is @prospittdreamers!

☄im fictionkin, and im a variety of characters! you can really call me any of my names. jake, luke, or ramona are the ones i prefer.

🔱if you want to know which characters im kin with, check the hashtag #tzkins! it changes frequently so check it a lot.

💌my canons include homestuck, scott pilgrim, star wars, jem and the holograms, gravity falls, tinker bell, adventure time, pokémon, and ever after high!

🔆dm me if you're in any of my canons!! im happy to meet more of my friends!