Jake Nitsch

Student and Producer in Melbourne, Australia

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Born in Birmingham, UK in ’97, and moving to Australia at a young age and occasionally travelling back between the two, Jake has soaked up the music scene of both sides of the world. DJ’ing began 2 years ago, surrounded by the likes of Brisbane’s frequent night Dragonfruit, run by Brisbane’s best techno DJ’s. Learning from the best, and constantly searching for the newest tracks, with the dirtiest kicks, Jake quickly got a set playing for Dragonfruit alongside none other than Jay Berry.

Shortly after, at the age of 19, Jake moved to Melbourne, the home of Australian techno. Going to nights such as Machine, and seeing world class DJ’s such as Dax J, Jake learned more about techno, and more about the quickly growing underground music scene in Australia. With a determined passion, Jake is making his way deeper into the scene and aims to hopefully play at Machine one day.

Jake occasionally plays at house parties, most notably the frequent party, ‘Satay Party’ where Jake has been playing since its beginning, and it continues to grow more and more.

Jake’s influences come from all over the world, most notably NTHNG being the main inspiration for Jake. Jake is planning on releasing an EP in the coming months, so make sure to keep up to date with his movements and news.