Jake Oliver

Detroit, Michigan USA

Thanks so much for stopping by and connecting with me. I look foward to speaking with you soon!! You can also connect with me at http://www.JakeOliverOnline.com.

The internet has allowed me to connect with so many great people and I am excited to share what I have learned wtih people all around the world.

I am a father of three and excited about life and business. My background is real estate and business. In 2002, I started a real estate investment company in Southeast Michigan. From 2002 to 2008 we bought and rehabbed several hundred properties.

In 2008, real estate plummeted and that is when I looked for other sources of income. The home business world came into my life. I started online with no previous internet marketing experience and in less than 60 days, I was able to earn a substantial income from home.

My goal is to help as many people as possible reach their full potential and live their lives with true purpose and passion. It is no secret that the economy has affected our livelihood. It is my soul purpose to spread the word and help empower others.

We all have a dream to live happy and financially free.

I am here to encourage others to grab hold of their dreams. Life is about creating our own realities. We must prepare ourselves to live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Follow me to learn about business, business systems, personal growth and development, network marketing & internet marketing strategies, social media secrets and personal empowerment. All of these things will help you to grow as a person as well as an entrepreneur.

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