Jake Qian

Bay Area, California

I love cutting edge technology and design, and strongly believe in the power of “creative destruction” in improving our world.

With a background in behavioral economics and as a pioneering member of the team that introduced big data analytics to Target’s marketing and buying teams, I realized quantitative data and modelling is only half the picture. As a buyer, I led a cross-functional team of designers and marketers to challenge our existing business strategies and prioritize the consumer, experiencing firsthand the power of infusing the art of human-centered design into the science of data.

I’m currently at Berkeley-Haas pursuing my MBA and exploring how the blend of art and science can drive innovation. Along the way, I plan to cook a few dozen exotic recipes with my wife, drink copious amounts of light-roast coffee, and hike every state and national park in Northern California.

  • Education
    • UC Berkeley- Haas School of Business
    • Carleton College