Jake Roberson

Social Media Manager and Writer in Colorado

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[About the Man]

A classic marketing "Problem Child," Jake Roberson makes his living working in the gray areas formed around the intersections of timeless ideals and millennial exuberance.

If it's new, he wants to make it feel familiar. If it's old, he wants to make it feel fresh. Authenticity is the name of his game in an over-saturated web content environment, and Jake believes he is just weird/grounded enough to convince others that he's the best kind of crazy.

[Notes from the Man Himself]

I dig just about anything and everything that pertains to both social and entertainment media, so I reserve the right to be opinionated about both.

I value dialogues more than monologues, so talk to me. If you have any genius/borderline crazytown ideas, shoot them my way and let's you and I take a crack at 'em.

  • Work
    • Digital Media Strategy
  • Education
    • Colorado State University