Jake Rubin

Just make everything easy and go to my website www.jakerubin.net you can learn everything you want to know about me there!

Basically, I am a people person with technical expertise and an ability to simplify complicated computer and software related issues to plain English. Heavy social media background as well as marketing, and sales experience. Experience with database management and very proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

I enjoy coding and other technology related activities. I am always updating my website and various social networks to stay current and up to date. PC user by day (at the office) and Mac user by night (at home).

I love sports, and music. I have a huge library of music and try not to miss too many of my favorite teams' games.

Like I hinted at earlier, just check out my website if you want to know anything more specific like my work history. Feel free to contact me, be my friend, follow me, or connect with me!


Jake Rubin