John Karl Hughes

Hi, I'm John Karl(Jake) Hughes (Ruffin). to explain away the apparent semi-alias, I'm to-be-but-not-quite-yet-despite-the-7-years-in-the-making-"work"-on-it..adopted. So legally, I'm still Hughes, but on almost all non legal paperwork, I use Ruffin. As for Jake, I have a double first name.{John Karl} This got shortened to {J.K) which over time became {Jake}. I have no middle name, no I am not joking, yes that is possible. Alright, getting the enigma of my name out of the way, how about I give a psycho-verbal tour of the rest of me*unsuccessful brow waggle* I am 5'9", I have hazel eyes, I have both my ears pierced(not gauged), but only the standard for now. I wouldn't mind a tragus or rook, but I'll look into that later. My hair is dyed black(chestnut brown naturally) and it almost shoulder length(growing it out to be longer, I happen to like longer hair) It's very soft but I have alot of it,(knock on wood).I'd like to think I have an eye for fashion, but I don't tend to apply it to myself being that it usually costs money I don't have.On the topic of money, I do have a job at Wal-Mart as a cashier. I am gay and, while I'm not really"closeted", I'm not terribly open about it either. I'm a gamer, I love RPG's, including the older JRPGS.I enjoy text roleplay, I write poetry, I sing and I act and am looking to be a theatre major. I think that should do for now, wanna know more, all ya gotta do is ask!