Jake Schoenberg

marketing, Musician, and Photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my about.me. Although there is more to say about myself than I can possibly fit on this page, here are a few things you should know about me.

I am excited to share that I am now the new Marketing and Communications Coordinator at The Charleston Parks Conservancy. I began working at the conservancy at the end of August. As a newbie to the Charleston area I knew this position would be an excellent opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in my local community. As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator I will be sharing the the wonderful work and mission of the Parks Conservancy to connect people to their parks.

In August 2015 I work at the wonderful media and distribution company 3BL Media. My job entails working in marketing and distribution to raise brand awareness, to reach future clients and expand the reach of our distribution network.

As a graduate from UMass Amherst I hold my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Information Technology. When I'm not around the office you can find playing music at local venues, taking photos at golden hour, and spending quality time with his loved ones. His other passions include music, photography food, and wisdom.

All my life I have always thought of myself as an entertainer. I performed music from middle school to the collegiate level, I've acted on stages across Western Mass, I’ve produced and directed documentaries, and I’ve always been a creative and strong voice at my school. The arts and especially music has always lit the fire in my soul and inspired me to take my passions to the next level. From my time now as a showrunner of my own radio program, to writing and performing my own music in several ensembles I have lived for the chance in the spotlight.

I bring my experience, my sense of commitment, and above all else enthusiasm to all aspects of my life.

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