Jake Sprinkle

Pauline South Carolina

As child I developed a love of laughing and making people laugh so singing and performing,( hamming it up for attention) just became tools. I began imitating people, telling storys and singing songs. Dyslexic as a child I tended to lean on my personality more than my literary skills, Thank God for music and computers, to even the playing field.
My daughter was born in 2000 so I thought I would learn to play guitar, During family vacations, I would bring my guitar to practice playing. My nieces and nephews invented a game, where they would give me 3 words and I would have to sing about them, or turn them into a song.Many times it would be there names and blending them into a story.
I just fell in love with making new songs about life, and many subjects. I especially love it when a song comes right out of thin air, like e mail from GOD straight to your mouth!
My hope is that this chapter of my life allows me to continue to reach out to even more people and tell there stories in song.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jake Sprinkle