Jake Voit

Project Manager and Consultant in Minnesota

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I enjoyed the unique opportunity of growing up on a sustainable farm which included a family design/build solar home, a full root cellar each winter, and local barter system. I learned to collaborate with the Joneses.

My work has taken me through: professional basketball in Europe, restaurants, organic farms, Permaculture design, large scale change management, community facilitation, business development, public speaking, writing, and sustainability leadership.

Let's connect and: discuss writing in ways that makes sustainability accessible, fly fishing, building soil biology, entrepreneurship, new recipes to try, community facilitation, exploration on foot or bike, system design, business design, and to swap books.

My 18 yr old daughter is a constant source of inspiration, awe, and beautiful connection. I enjoy being a Dad.

763-452-8703 - jacobvoit@gmail.com