Jacob Waxman

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is Jacob Waxman and I make electronic music. Most of my solo stuff is house and techno, but really I like making anything that sounds good to me (and hopefully to you too).

I grew up and live in Toronto and went through high school binging on whatever music sounded wicked fresh (mostly hip-hop and rock stuff). Then I went off to Montreal for University and dove head-first into the electronic music scene there. I started producing in 2010 and haven't gone more than a month without plugging away for hours on music since then. It's a lot of fun.

Check out my collaborative project as well: The Andy Krangus Collaborative

So yes. Please check out my music and let me know what you think. Comment, or email me if you like: jakewaxman1@gmail.com.

Also send me music if you make it. I love hearing other people's stuff.