Taegyun Yoon

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Hello, I am Taegyun Yoon but people call me Jake Yoon. Failure comes first followed by success in my life.

I have tried writing a screenplay for a feature film and for a TV show but failed because I didn't have the connections; writing movie and drama scripts is really difficult too.

I have tried to start a business to provide affordable education to all but failed because no one dared to help me; maybe I was too ambitious.

I have tried writing to President Obama in hopes of real change but failed because he probably had better things to do; I still recieved a generic reply.

I have tried contacting Tech Armor for business partnership but failed because the founder said he is doing fine on his own; at least he invited me to dinner and sent me free samples.

I have tried doing an eBay business but failed because no one was interested in buying my products; I managed to sell my own stuff at home to barely maintain a profit.

I have tried making an app but failed because learning a new language takes a lot of time; I made a calculator app if that is considered an 'app'.

I will try again and again to succeed in what I failed because only thing left now is to succeed.