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I'm on a constant journey to learn more about the awesome God of the universe, His Word, His people, His promises and His creation: won't you take this journey with me? Hold on it'll be a wild and awesome ride!

I have seen faces of newborns babies minutes after they have entered into the world and I have seen the faces of those who have shut their eyes and taken their last breath...forcing us to say our final departing goodbyes. I have often wondered whether they would be all that they could be or whether they had been all that they could have been. We are only promised 70 years and those who are super well perhaps 80 years. I've learned that time is relative to what you do. My question to you... are you maximizing your potential.? Are you growing in the love of Christ?

Very few will ever understand the meaning of life but we can all understand and begin to grow and move in God's purpose for our life's. I encourage you who have not received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior to invite Him into your life and then go find a local church where the WORD OF GOD is at the center of worship! Open your bible and begin to search the scriptures to find the answers to the problems of life and then begin your awesome journey as you travel closer to the heart of God.

May God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you with peace, love and pure acceptance. Email me soon!

Yours in Christ, Jaki