Jaki Bent

Founder of If Everyone Cares - A Project/Movement that has One Simple Goal - To have Every Single Charity, Non-Profit and Community Based Project in the World pin-pointed on Google Earth or Similar.

This would:

Help those in crisis to find and access they help they need - when they need it - wherever they are.

Provide a way to unite those who want to help with those that need it.

Create a Global Database of Every Project and Volunteer Opportunity.

Enable new and existing projects to connect and share tools, resources, strategies & best practice.

Encourage businesses to connect with and support their communities.

And so much more ... .... The Ripple Effects Really would start The Tide of Change

Jaki is also a Verbal Reiki Coach, Author, Creator of The Emotional Baggage Diet, Inspirational Speaker, Motivator. She Loves Life, Growth, Positivity and Gratitude ♥

Jaki belives that this is the Decade that will be known in History Books as 'The Decade of Change' - As Each of us really can 'Be The Change That We Want to See in The World' :)